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Perfect French getaway in spacious Ville Franche accommodation

Experience the rural charm of Provence and posh settings of the Riviera, while staying in a perfect Ville Franche Sur-Mer accommodation overlooking the bay.


Perfect French getaway in spacious Ville Franche accommodation   

Where the French Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea, you will find the medieval village of Ville Franche Sur-Mer nestled in a picturesque bay. The small port town was established in 1295 and has a population just short of 7.000. In addition, it offers colourful local markets; narrow old streets and impressive historical monuments all gathered in an atmosphere oozing of rural Provence and the posh star-studded French Riviera.

The unique ancient authenticity of the village combined with the location and the warm climate of southern France makes Ville Franche Sur-Mer the perfect spot for a getaway. However, for most people a proper accommodation will have a significant impact on the entire holiday.  

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  • How to plan the perfect holiday in Ville Franche Sur-Mer
  • How to find proper accommodation in Ville Franche Sur-Mer

Plan the perfect holiday in Ville Franche Sur-Mer

Only a short drive from Nice, International Airport Ville Franche Sur-Mer offers vacationers an outstanding beauty, ancient charm and historical sightings making the port town one of the most special spots of the entire French Riviera. At the same time, this makes it a popular destination amongst sailing enthusiasts, artists and tourists, not to forget the renowned French language school, Institut de Francais.

While visiting Ville Franche Sur-Mer, you should visit the gardens and the museum of the 16th century fortress, La Citadelle, before walking down La Rue Obscure and visiting the religious sightings of Eglise St. Michel (The Church of Saint Michael) and Chapelle St. Pierre (The Saint Peter Chapel) that was redecorated in the 1950s by the French writer, artist and film maker, Jean Cocteau.

Last but not least, Ville Franche Sur-Mer offers beautiful gardens, an Oceanographic Institute, local culinary delights, efficient local transport and only a short distance to a fashionable shopping experience in Cannes or Monte-Carlo.         

Find proper accommodation in Ville Franche Sur-Mer

If you are looking for proper accommodation in Ville Franche Sur-Mer, why not stay in a spacious apartment with private parking and a large terrace overlooking the bay? Here, you will find yourself in a home away from home in a luxurious setting with modern Nordic style furniture.

The apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen, a large bathroom, two master bedrooms with kinq size beds and a sitting and dining room where you can exit to the terrace. Moreover, by choosing this accommodation in Ville Franche Sur-Mer, you have access to private parking facilities and free phone services, as well as internet connection and satellite TV allowing you to see your usual programs.

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